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Duncan Guy
Chris Hunt


Moccasin Bend Brewing Company was licensed   in August of 2007 and became the second commercial brewery in Chattanooga since the mid 50’s . MBBC was located in a century old warehouse in the  Chattanooga St. Elmo neighborhood.Less than a mile from that location, the Tennessee River bends to form the shape of a Moccasin(the shoe-not the snake).

Envision if you will  Chris Hunt and Duncan Guy. Hunt is former police officer and loss prevention manager, Guy is a brilliant fabricator and chemical engineer,  Both share an unhealthy obsession (intoxication?) with beer and brewing. Both dream of turning their hobby into a business.  Hunt and Guy  meet while attending a local home brew club. While many members of the club are interested in creating beers that perfectly duplicate existing beers-Hunt is  different, he dreams of selling  a pale ale infused with roasted pumpkin seeds, or a stout brewed with cacao nibs or maybe,  a cream ale brewed with juniper berries . Anticipating some public trepidation towards the beers, he comes up with the slogan “Weird is Good” In 2006, Hunt and Guy create Bend Brewing LLC.  Fellow home brew club member, Courtney Tyvand  overhears news of the newly formed brewery  and offers cash to join.   Tyvand has created award winning traditional beers, but he also makes a weirdly wonderful smoked porter. Tyvand is in.The brewery name is changed to Moccasin Bend Brewing to avoid conflict with Bend Brewing in Oregon and  licensed  in August,2007.

Braden Morris

Fast forward to 2010, Courtney Tyvand and Duncan Guy wisely leave to pursue less risky and more profitable endeavors.  Chris Hunt continues his obsession  as lead brewer and eventual owner.  Braden Morris, joins the brewery in 2009 as volunteer and in 2012 is offered the position of assistant brewer, as a reward for his stubborn tenacity and wicked sense of the absurd.  In 2013 three seven barrel fermenters are signed for in blood and MBBC  becomes majorly  “weird”.

The brewery becomes a St. Elmo neighborhood haven for those who appreciated the creative and unique character of each other and MBBC beer.

But in 2015 inability to negotiate a new building lease  means the brewery has three days to relocate.

The brewery must find a new location and file relocation papers with the federal government or close

Up the street from the old location , a new location becomes available. Brewery friends pull an all nighter and  get equipment moved in less than 24 hours., The beer goes to  refrigerated storage , Anew  lease signed and  notice  filed with the Feds.   A year is spent shoehorning a brewery into a former restaurant  On May 20th, Moccasin Bend Brewing Company officially opens a brewery and taproom at 3210 Broad Street.

MBBC sells  specialty ales and lagers on site and wholesale.. Please check the website & Facebook page  for scheduled events and beer availability.

Contact information:
Moccasin Bend Brewing Company

3210 Broad St. Suite B
Chattanooga, TN 37408
Tel: (423) 821-6392

E-mail: Bendbrewing@yahoo.com

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